Farmer100 review and Runescape GameCity


Farmer100 review runescape gamecity for you.

You know the rare public appearance by Runescape creators adds to exclusive festival program. Nottingham, UK. GameCity and the National Videogame Archive are proud to announce Runescape: The Director Commentary – taking place at GameCity Squared.

Jagex will make a rare public appearance to give a privileged, unique insight into both the Jagex history and culture – and the development of one of the most successful MMO’s of all time.

Christoph Vietzke, Head of RuneScape said, “I am looking forward to being a part of GameCity in Nottingham and talking about how we manage to keep our MMO, RuneScape, as successful as it is. As a company that concentrates on making great games rather than advertising campaigns, Jagex stands as example that there is room in the games industry for independent developers. I hope that some of our experiences can help other independent developers to be successful and that’s why I happily accepted the invitation to this great event.”

The event follows the success of Goldeneye: The Director Commentary, held at GameCity Three, and builds on the festival’s reputation for delivering exclusive and accessible videogame culture events.

“For a developer of the calibre of Jagex to be taking the time to explore their work with the GameCity audience and the National Videogame Archive is both an index of how far games have travelled as a cultural medium, and the impact that the festival is having. We’re incredibly excited that Jagex have chosen to share their insights and inner workings with the GameCity audience”, said festival Director Iain Simons.

The event had taken place at 2.30pm on Friday 30th October 2009 in the Ballroom at GameCity Squared.


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